The Naked Gun

Hunter Biden could face 10 years in the slammer for illegally possessing a gun while hooked on crack cocaine.

In a shock court ruling filed Wednesday, federal prosecutors say they want to charge him by the end of September. 

The 53-year-old drug addict, gun nut and hooker aficionado thought he had it made with a plea deal that would have avoided a trial in exchange for two years of parole.

But that white privilege, sweetheart deal blew up in his face when a district court judge in Delaware said NO DEAL.

Hunter Biden faces 10 years

Now, those charges could put him behind bars for 10 years, according to court documents submitted by Special Counsel David Weiss.

There is a chance, the slightest chance, that justice might be done — but don’t hold your breath.

Hunter Biden won’t go to prison, being the son of ‘The Big Guy’ who took millions of dollars in kickbacks from Hunter’s crooked business schemes in China, Russia and Ukraine. It’s the Big Guy who should go to jail — hell, they should share a cell. 

As the lied-to, impoverished, hungry, homeless serfs of the corrupt Biden regime money machine that enriches his family and gives billions and billions to Ukraine, it’s a dime’s worth of payback to bask in the notion that Hunter Biden might, just might, have to pay for his sleazeball malfeasance.


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