Don’t mess with Texas


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A masked robber dressed in black walked into the Ranchito Taqueria restaurant in Houston at 11:30 p.m., pointed a gun at customers and demanded their money.

A diner in one of the booths wasn’t in the mood for this shit. He pulled an automatic pistol from his holster and started blasting.

He plugged the mug eight times in the back — plus one final execution-style bullet in the head.

The shooter then walked out of the restaurant, got into his pickup truck and drove away.

P.S. The robber’s gun turned out to be fake!


Texas diner blows away robber

In gun-totin’ Texas, people are allowed to use lethal force when they believe their life or someone else’s life is in immediate danger.

Here, where the robber was committing an ‘armed’ robbery, the customer’s use of deadly force in self defense is justified.

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