Homeless take over suburbia

Homeless camps now on people’s front lawns

Homeless take over suburbia

The homeless have moved into suburban Portland Oregon, putting up their tents on people’s front lawns with drug dealers on every corner.

No one is safe on the residential streets. 

And liberal ‘woke’ politicians aim to legalize the drugs and the homeless encampments and strip lawful residents of all their rights to safety and privacy. That would not only destroy the quality of life for the residents but make the whole sordid homeless tragedy even worse. These people need medical help, not an endless supply of drugs and continued squalor.

It’s only a matter of time before homeless vagrants and drug dealers spread into the suburbs of every American city with major homelessness.

The suburbs are no longer a safe haven for residents trying to escape the drugs and the crime that afflict downtown areas.

The liberal politicians with their upscale homes and their bodyguards don’t give a damn because they live in neighborhoods that have no homeless camps.

So far.

My advice to homeless people: Put up your tents on the front lawns of the gutless, hypocritical politicians.

Local government has allowed Portland to become a city of shame.

Homeless take over suburbia

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