Harry & Meghan bombs

Harry and Meghan ‘bombshell’ is a bomb!

‘Harry & Meghan‘ begins Thursday

BORINGThat is my one-word review after almost falling asleep during the first episode of the docuseries. And there are five more!

What we have here is a mediocre former actress and unashamed opportunist who told friends she’s going to marry the most eligible, charismatic, wealthy and historically famous man in the world. And, by Jove, she snagged him.

And Harry fell so madly in love with this woman from the City of Angels Devils that he lost sight of family loyalties, self respect and his inherited responsibility as a member of the Royal Family — and let many people down, especially his grandmother the Queen.

Fair enough — why shouldn’t he follow his heart and damn the torpedoes?! But chill out, kid, you’re making a fool of yourself. As for the dame from L.A. she’s incorrigible and an incurable social climber. She’s even got her sights on being president of the United States of America. That would make Harry the First Prince, merging the White House and the Palace into one magical kingdom. Now, that would make a helluva docuseries.

The first three episodes of the dreaded Palace tell-all ‘Harry & Meghan’ hit the global airwaves on December 8, with the final three episodes airing December 15.

Members of the Royal Family are said to be ‘seething with rage’ after seeing trailers for the six-part Netflix series.

William and Kate refuse to watch

Harry & Meghan bombs

Prince William and Kate Middleton said they won’t be watching. And King Charles III is reportedly too angry to go near it.

Palace officials, however, will watch the first three episodes to figure out what the Palace’s official response should be. They are bracing for the worst.


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3 thoughts on “Harry and Meghan ‘bombshell’ is a bomb!

  1. Yeah. I thought Harry had more ‘character’ and self-respect than to be part of all these tawdry stunts, but he’s under the spell of that egomaniacal opportunist.