Is winning

A merciful God or a gruesome ghoul?

This e-mail came the other day from a Guy de Michêl, who claims to be a former French legionnaire (in his words: Légion étrangère), currently of Montreal. 

To all the believers out there in blogland I would like to ask you this (a serious question, by the way): What would you say about a God (I’m using the Biblical capitalization out of respect for your beliefs) who takes a man’s two brothers, his young son, and then (the coup de grâce) his wife-soulmate-best friend and his last reason for living? Is that a loving, merciful God? Or is that a gruesome ghoul who gets his kicks from overkill? Or, to take it a step further, is all of the above totally irrelevant and meaningless because there is no God?

Whoa! Guy de Michêl, if that’s your real name, lighten up, dude! Go watch a Three Stooges film or something. 

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