Gates controls what we eat

Americans starve while Bill Gates gets richer buying up farmland


Microsoft billionaire is America’s biggest land owner!

Have you read about America’s ‘food vulnerability’ problem? That’s a goddamn euphemism for national starvation crisis.

Covid has broken the food supply chain. There’s not enough food being produced to feed the people. A quarter of all Americans suffer from hunger every day.

Food, from beef to wheat, comes from farms, and guess who’s now the largest owner of farmland in America? — Bill Gates, currently the fourth-richest man in the world. Gates and his wife Melinda own more than 270,000 acres of farmland, according to The Land Report.

In effect, his Microsoft corporation controls the nation’s food supply.

Bill Gates has a knack of knowing where the money is — in the case of a national food crisis, it’s down on the farm.

Here’s the kicker, a real kick in the head for the family farmer. Not-Our-President Biden’s new capital gains tax will drive more family farms out of business. Farms that have been in families for generations will go bankrupt. Family farms are already being replaced by corporate farms. Big Tech opportunists like Bill Gates will rake in even more money while everyday Americans can’t afford to put food on the table.

And here’s the final f-u-Gates ass kicker — Microsoft donated $17-million to Biden’s election campaign.

Don’t you just love how the system works!


Gates controls what we eat

Bill Gates, by the way, is the maniac who wants everybody in the world vaccinated against Covid-19, regardless of untested and fatal side effects, because — you guessed it again! — he has billions of dollars invested in Big Pharma vax makers like Pfizer, Vir Biotechnology, CureVac, BioNTech and others.

I tell ya, it’s enough to make you want to join the Boogaloo Boys.*

*Anti-government organization hankering for a second American Revolution, which they call the Boogaloo 2, after the 1984 breakdancing movieBreakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo.’

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13 thoughts on “Americans starve while Bill Gates gets richer buying up farmland

  1. Rich globalists like Gates and Bezos are arrogant enough to believe they control the world — and I guess they do. The only rich guys I like are Elon Musk and that Branson guy, visionaries trying to get us to other planets.

  2. And so many people are “trapped” and have nowhere to grow their own food. Thankfully I have a yard and a garden, but not everyone does.

  3. Yes, indeed, John, millions of people at poverty level living in tenements wondering how they’re going to feed their children and pay the rent. Meanwhile Gates spends a lot of his obscene wealth helping people in Africa — OK so they need help too, but help Americans first, you globalist freak!