Love triangle killer on the run

Fugitive beauty hunted in Texas.

Fugitive beauty hunted in Texas.

Texas yoga instructor Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, is being hunted by lawmen for killing a pro cyclist who had an affair with her boyfriend.

The body of champion cyclist Moirah Wilson, 25, was found shot multiple times in an Austin, Texas, apartment where she was staying with a friend. She had flown in from California to compete in a race near Waco.

Kaitlin Armstrong only recently found out that Wilson had a fling with her boyfriend, fellow cyclist Colin Strickland, 35, several months ago and decided to seek cold vengeance.

There’s no doubt she filled Wilson full of lead. She had told someone earlier she was going to kill Wilson for messing with her man.

The 9-mm pistol her boyfriend gave her months ago matches the weapon used in the killing.

Her black Jeep Cherokee was seen driving past the Austin apartment on the night of the murder.

The APB is out. The dragnet is on.

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