FJB Goes Global

Fuck Joe Biden chant

🎵 Let’s Go Brandon, but you know what they’re saying though… 🎵

Fuck Joe Biden has become an anti-Biden war cry heard around the world.

The phrase is also a merchandising gold mine, available on T-shirts, face masks, coffee mugs, flags, decals for vehicles and just about anything else.

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ went viral after a reporter mistakenly thought a NASCAR race crowd was shouting “Let’s Go Brandon” when they were actually chanting “Fuck Joe Biden.”

“You can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go Brandon’,” said NBC reporter Kelli Stavast as she interviewed winning driver Brandon Brown.

Fuck Joe Biden chant

The chant began at American college football games and rapidly spread to baseball games and all sporting events. And now it is heard worldwide.

The refrain is used by protesters from Amsterdam to Melbourne, notably by vax mandate opponents, and also by everyone else who sees the Biden government as a global disaster.

Fuck Joe Biden chant

Biden’s disastrous failures in just nine months reads like an unbelievable Return of the Swamp Creature script: Left Americans behind in Afghanistan to face death; opened the southern border to tens of thousands of illegal migrants to take jobs away from Americans — the influx includes unknown numbers of hardcore criminals and terrorists; caused crime to spiral out of control by decimating law enforcement; destroyed the standard of living with the highest inflation rate in decades; imposed a nationwide vax mandate on key industries causing chaos in the workforce; pressing for a vax mandate for everyone in America. The list goes on.

And now we welcome hip-hop artist Loza Alexander with his gone-viral version of Fuck Joe Biden, as he raps, Let’s go Brandon, but you know what they’re saying though…




F*ck Joe Biden chant

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