From Hollywood to hell

From Hollywood to Hell

From Hollywood to hell
Lana Turner with Johnny Stompanano


I was going to rehash an article tonight on a Hollywood scandal that happened back in the 1950s about movie star Lana Turner’s 14-year-old daughter stabbing Lana’s gangster boyfriend Johnny Stompanato to death when he threatened to kill her mother. It would have started like this:

SAVAGE FLASHBACK — April 4, 1958

The night Lana Turner’s boyfriend got it in the gut

From Hollywood to hell

Movie star’s 14-year-old daughter stuck him with a knife

Lana Turner had been dating ex-Marine Johnny Stompanato for about a year. Johnny Stomp, as he was known, was an enforcer for gangster Mickey Cohen. It was a violent relationship from the start, blah blah blah…

But then I realized who the hell cares? A waste of words and time, just another meaningless distraction from the heartbreak and aching loneliness of everyday life — little children with terminal illnesses who will never have a chance at life, young soldiers dying in sacrificial wars engineered by cowardly politicians in the name of oil or strategic positioning so generals whose lifeblood is war and death can kill some more, the lives lost every day to the covid virus that is merciless and unrelenting no matter what the hell we do to try and stop it, the lonely young men and woman, teenagers, people in the prime of their lives killing themselves because the isolation becomes unbearable, the innocent people in shopping malls and places of worship slaughtered by hate-filled maniacs with weapons of war — and while all this rages to write an article about a Hollywood scandal is an insult to the suffering of so many people in towns and cities around the world.

From hell to hollywood

A Christian blogger I connected with today speculated that during those three lost days between Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and his resurrection, he descended into hell and conquered the devil.

I beg to differ. The bastard ain’t dead.

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4 thoughts on “From Hollywood to Hell

  1. Life is not the fairy tale with happy endings that our good-intentioned parents once described. No Santa Clause, no Easter bunny, no good always wins. I know we were just children but perhaps the truth would of served us better even then. Better prepared us for the reality of life’s hardships, death and evil possibilities. Rose-colored glasses do more than hide the truth — they lie!

  2. Yep, the rose-colored days of the 1950s, the innocence of ‘Leave it to Beaver’ etc. were an illusion of a distant past. The 1960s turned all that American Dream shit on it’s ass — Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy gunned down, the Kent State massacre in 1970 — after that we all just turned off the Vietnam War and drank rye and got high and listened to the Eagles, Take It To The Limit — and we sure as hell did… But now, these days, the best you can say is that life is one big POS.