Face masks stupidity unmasked

WARNING! Do Not Wear Face Mask Like a Hat!


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Face masks stupidity unmasked


This poor guy gets the slammer —

Face masks stupidity unmasked

A man in Ireland was sentenced to two months in prison for improperly wearing a face mask on a bus while going to his uncle’s funeral, despite being medically exempt.

Andrew Heasman was traveling from Dublin to Knock in the Republic of Ireland when he was told by the bus driver to wear his mask in the prescribed manner.

Heasman was wearing his mask “like a hat” and refused to cover his mouth and nose, causing other passengers to exit the bus, Garda police officer Thomas Bowens told Castlebar District Court.

Heasman told authorities he was medically exempt, and that under data protection laws he was not legally required to provide evidence.

Two months in the pokey, ruled the judge.

And that’s the name of that tune.

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