Everything costs more



Inflation at 30-year high

Costs $175 more a month to live

Everything costs more this year than it did last year, while incomes haven’t changed. The average household must spend an extra $175 a month on food, fuel and housing to make ends meet.

Gas is at a seven-year high.

The average grocery bill is $50 more a week than this time last year.

  • Six-pack of Pepsi costs $2.62 more
  • Gas $1 more a gallon
  • Coffee 85 cents more a can
  • Chicken breast 85 cents more a pound
  • Milk 55 cents more a gallon
  • Potato chips 50 cents more a bag

“I used to spend $70 a week, but this summer I couldn’t leave the store without spending at least $120,” a Chicago mother of two children told the New York Post.

And it’s going to get much worse. Less than nine months into Biden’s four-year term as president, Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

How do you like Dem apples, folks!

Graphic New York Post

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