Escaping the insanity of America

You reach a point

Escaping the insanity of America

Some people have a cabin in the woods to escape the stress and the crime and the crazy psychos of urban America. I don’t have a cabin in the woods, I have a bungalow in the exurbs of New York, only a short distance from the vulnerable suburbs. Certainly not as seclusive as a cabin in the woods.

But even a cabin in the woods is not far enough removed from the insidious invidious satanic evil of today’s totally twisted society.

The lies, hypocrisy, crime, perversion and general scumbaggery, particularly on the political front, can very easily seep like a creeping menace to your cabin in the woods.

Which is why I have built my own private cabin in the mind. No financial cost is required, the only cost is social detachment, exclusion of the outside world that comprises in the first instance everything to do with politics and the most poisonous venom that should only exist in hell.

It may seem cowardly to flee this hellish society, but I have neither the influence nor the money to fight it, so I say fuckit!

I’m not necessarily what people might call a ‘believer’ (that’s not to say I’m not a believer, but that’s not the issue here). The issue is hanging onto your sanity in an America that has become an unrecognizable madhouse of ‘wokeness’ that demolishes history and burns books; a grotesque spectacle of trans-whatever-goes perversion; and crime condoned anarchy that gives criminals more rights than victims.

And from this insanity one needs to escape, if not to a cabin in the woods where you’re still not free from the propagandists and the mindfuckers, then to a cabin in the mind, where the only arbiter is you and your own sense of civility, sanity and truth.

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3 thoughts on “You reach a point

  1. Nothing wrong with a cabin in the woods far far from the madness

  2. God has never visited my house in any way shape form or spirit but the devil has and the bloody grim reaper several times.