Bob Dylan and ‘Hot Blonde’

DYLAN jams with HOT BLONDEYou don’t often see Bob Dylan smile, but ‘Hot Blonde’ drummer in this jam session, actress Jenna Elfman, gets a couple of big ones out of the dour troubadour.

Jam session with Jenna Elfman and T Bone Burnett

Jenna Elfman played free-spirited yoga instructor Dharma Finkelstein who is married to stuffy lawyer (Thomas Gibson) on the sitcom Dharma & Greg, which ran on ABC from 1997 to 2002.

T Bone Burnett started out playing guitar in Bob Dylan’s band during the 1970s and became an award winning songwriter and record producer.

Burnett, now 74, will present a concert in tribute to Bob Dylan on September 30 at 8 p.m. at New York City’s Town Hall, 123 West 43rd Street.

Dylan jams with hot blonde

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2 thoughts on “Bob Dylan and ‘Hot Blonde’

  1. Charming and playful fun and Elfman ended up on the Walking Dead where the conscious mind is now Apocalyptic, and dystopian art imitating life Cay sura sura she’s no Doris Day