Door-to-Door Nazism

“We will go door by door, literally knocking on doors to get people vaccinated.” — Herr Biden

Just like the Nazis went door to door rounding up Jews, Biden’s Covid agents are about to go door to door across America to find out who has not been vaccinated.

The similarities between the current Biden government and Hitler’s Nazi government are real and frightening.

Biden has been in power only six months but he’s employing Nazi tactics as quickly as he can.

“Once Hitler was in power he moved quickly to end German democracy,” the history of that era begins.

That sentence is just as applicable today by changing two words, to wit: Once Biden was in power he moved quickly to end American democracy.

(Incidentally, it’s a perverse misnomer that Biden belongs to the Democratic Party.)


Hitler, history tells us, convinced his cabinet to invoke emergency powers of the constitution that permitted the suspension of individual freedoms of press, speech, and assembly.

Another chilling example of what’s happening today. The Democrat Party-controlled Big Tech and Mainstream Media — all of which contributed millions to Biden’s election campaign — censor and control what we’re allowed to read. Freedom of speech and assembly is only permitted if you are spouting the Democrat Party manifesto. If you’re trying to express a Republican point of view about free speech and any other personal freedom you are promptly shut down and silenced.

So now we have this door-to-door interrogation of our private medical history — Have you been vaccinated?

What’s next? Forced vaccinations?

Know this, as any lawyer will tell you, it is none of their business, and, in fact, they are not allowed to ask about your medical history. And if they try to enter your house to press their inquisition further, you have your Fourth Amendment right under the U.S. Constitution to tell them they’re trespassing and to get off your property.

Additionally, you have your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and not answer any questions at all.

In other words, even though you may not choose to use these actual words, you can tell them to fuck off.

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  • And if someone was so bold as to force their way into your home, don’t forget about our beautiful second amendment.

  • I have been making the comparison to Hitler and NAZI Germany all along, yet people just call me a conspiracy theorist. I am somewhat of a WWII buff, and I have read, and still continue to read and watch many things regarding those times. It is VERY, yet no one wants to listen. What are they going to say when it is to late and all is lost?scary

  • It is frustrating, but people like us who are not brainwashed by the godless government and the government-controlled corporate media have to band together and keep making our voices heard. There are more like us than you may think, they are just too scared to express what they feel and believe.