Not a dress was left unturned


Feds even went through Melania Trump’s clothes in her private wardrobe. An unconfirmed report said a G-man tried on one of Melania’s designer dresses — Yikes! Shades of J. Edgar Hoover!

Deep State panics.

The Establishment is scared to death of Donald Trump.

Seven years ago a New York businessman came down an escalator in Manhattan and vowed to take on Washington DC and its deeply entrenched corruption.

And he did. For four years he battled the status quo and achieved more than any other president.

And the crooks in Washington are not going to let him do it again.

The reason a mob of armed FBI agents raided Trump’s private residence in Mar-a-Lago Florida was to stop him from running for re-election two years from now.

Deep State panics

We all know the Democrat Party-controlled past of the Deep State. Hillary Clinton destroyed 33,000 classified emails when she was ordered to hand them over. And got away with it.

The president’s drug-addicted, sex maniac son made millions from illegal deals with Russia and China, with 10 percent to be paid to the ‘Big Guy’ — now known to be his father Joe Biden. And the Justice Department and FBI did nothing.

But if your name is Trump, you get shafted.

They even searched Melania Trump’s clothes in her private wardrobe. What the hell did they expect to find among her personal dresses and jackets?

Deep state panics

Trump’s attorneys were barred from going inside the 128-room residence during the nine-hour search. FBI agents, acting on orders from their crooked superiors, could have planted phony shit anywhere inside the house.

Anything to nail the dreaded Trump and stop him from being re-elected two years from now.

Man, there is some crazy shit going on out there.

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