Earth on borrowed time.

Back to oblivion


I’m not ready to rejoin humankind

I keep in touch on this blog obliquely

Wrought words from a drunken mind

Rendered honestly albeit bleakly

I admit under scientific law

And the force of reality’s duress

That my wife does not exist anymore

No memory no dreams no awareness

Disappeared into the darkness of death

The same as if she had never been born

Back to oblivion with her last breath

And for me a hell that darkens each dawn

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3 thoughts on “Back to oblivion

  1. Well, you’re right about many things, but wrong about that, my friend. She exists certainly, and sublimely, yet if I know her at all, she is very hurt that you would write her off so soon. And hurt that you would listen to so few of her words. 😉

  2. I accept your admonishment and pray that you are right. The above was written amid deep depression and under the 80-proof tutelage of Prof. Jack Daniel.