The death of the ‘Land of the Free’ and ‘Home of the Brave’


America, Born August 2, 1776 — Died November 7, 2020

Americans who voted for Biden-Harris voted for a socialist, lawless country of crime, censorship, mass unemployment and endless lockdowns.

History will note that the 2020 election marked the end of the 244-year-old Republic. The United States of America is now the un-united states of a divided nation.

The 70 million people in the red states who voted Republican will now be forced to live under the rule of the very people they voted against. How is that going to work? The word rebellion comes to mind.

A powerful red force of angry Americans live in more than half the country.

Left-wing liberal law will result in:

Abortion under any circumstances, even after birth, religious oppression, transgender children, mandatory face masks nationwide, forced lockdowns, the termination of 10 million jobs for Americans, economic disaster, a socialist healthcare system, a return to unaffordable drug prices, an unconscionably biased mainstream media and arbitrary censorship of free speech by Big Tech, open unguarded borders and illegal immigration, diminished or no police protection, an emasculated military, no weapons for civilians to protect themselves, uncontrollable crime… and the list goes on.

The evil eyes of the black-masked enemies of 70 million Americans.

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The Biden-Harris government will:

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