Crocodile Dundee trapped in America by Covid

Show it your knife, Mick, that oughta scare off the little bugger


Paul Hogan, the Aussie Outback hero of the late 1980s, just wants to get back to his native Australia but he is trapped in the U.S. because of the Covid lockdown.

The former actor, who is now an 81-year-old recluse, is waiting out the virus in L.A. with his 21-year-old son Chance, a rock musician.

Hogan said he would leave the country immediately if he could. “I can’t wait for this stupid disease to go away so I can get out. I’m like a kangaroo in a Russian zoo — I don’t belong here.”

At 81
Paul Hogan, now 81, trapped in L.A.

The 1986 action comedy ‘Crocodile Dundee’ starred Paul Hogan as real-life crocodile hunter Mick Dundee and American actress Linda Koslowski as a New York City reporter who goes to Australia to do a story on him.

The action moves to New York City where Mick gets in and out of trouble with fearlessness and charm. The croc hunter and the big city reporter end up falling in love. Fade out.


‘Crocodile Dundee’ made Hogan a superstar, the most famous Australian in the world. After the movie, Hogan and Koslowski married and were together for more than 20 years. Koslowski, who is now 62, said she got tired of living in the famous Aussie’s shadow.

She was a struggling actress when she was cast in ‘Crocodile Dundee’ and after leaving Hogan tried to make it on her own in Hollywood but the party was over and she quit movies.

‘Crocodile Dundee’ (the first of three), was set in the Outback and New York City and cost less than  $10 million to make. It ended up grossing $330 million worldwide — the highest grossing Australia film ever.

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3 thoughts on “Crocodile Dundee trapped in America by Covid

  1. In his old age he reminds me of someone? I want to say Biden but that’s not quite right? An old actor maybe? Damn, I hate when that happens!

    Speaking of old! Both Trump and Biden are well into their 70s. Representing, in image at least, of old political power. And bringing with it, at least the perception of the same-old-same-old issues that come with old politics. For me, today’s issues cry-out for a younger, more vibrant president capable of new ideologies and reasoning. Someone more attuned to the troubles of the new modern world, both in-country and abroad. And comes without the baggage of old politics.

    After all, old politics is what’s got us here to begin with. I say, out with the old and in with the new! And before its too late! The same-old-same-old isn’t working. Hasn’t in years now. How can we possibly think it will — this time around?

  2. Precisely. There were a few younger candidates in the race for the Democratic nominee but as perverse fate would have it tired old Biden managed to limp across the finish line. The other candidates ended up making a deal with the crooked and rigged Democratic National Committee to bow out and go with Joe, proving once again that true democracy is dead in America. Now what we’re left with is the choice between a half-mad loose cannon and a senile hack who won’t make it through his first term, thereby making that wretched easy-on-crime Socialist from California the next president of the United States. It’s enough to make a guy move to St. John’s Newfoundland and spend his time hitting all the bars on Water Street, which should be re-named Scotch-and-Water Street.