El Creepo strikes again!


Biden creeps up behind a young girl and says she reminds him of his daughter when she was young — the daughter he showered with who grew up to be a sexually obsessed drug addict.

“Now, a very important thing I told my daughter and grand daughters,” he said to the girl, “no serious guys ’til you’re thirty.”

The young girl cringed and said nervously “Okay, okay” and looked away but Biden kept his hands on her shoulders and repeated himself.

The video, shot at a California school event by Kalen D’Almeida, shows a hand on D’Almeida’s shoulder, presumably a Secret Service agent to get him to stop filming.

The incident is yet another episode of Biden repeatedly touching and kissing little girls.

Creepy Joe strikes again

There are hundreds of clips of Biden creeping up behind little girls — and boys, but the disturbing incidents are never condemned or even reported by anyone in the liberal swamp or the Democrat-controlled mainstream media.

The few critics who dare to speak out in this new ‘woke’ America call Biden a ‘Minor attracted person,’ an almost cute euphemism for pedophile. 

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