Covid restrictions round two.

People are human guinea pigs in Covid vax program

Long-term effects on DNA, childbirth unknown

The untested Covid vaccines are a dangerous high-risk experiment. And people are being used as guinea pigs.

The vaccines are literally being tested on human beings. The FDA skipped the usual animal trials to “fast-track” the global vaccination program.

And people are paying the price. Death rates and serious side effects are increasing. The long-term effects on a person’s DNA, mutations and future childbirth are totally unknown.

The actual death rate numbers are being covered up in this era of widespread censorship by the government-controlled mainstream media and social media authoritarians like Facebook and Twitter.

Mutations, birth defects 

There are reports that the untested vaccine can gravely change DNA, cause mutations in the vaccinated person, and birth defects in children.

These reports are coming out every day and are backed up by doctors and scientists throughout the world, but they are being dismissed as conspiracy theories by the mainstream and social media.

They can only be read and seen on uncensored but legitimate websites like this one.

Covid vaccines high-risk experiment.

Facebook and Twitter have strict censorship policies that prohibit any and all negative news or posts about the Big Pharma vaccinations. It’s no secret that Big Tech and Big Pharma, along with the Democrat administration, are all in bed together.

Yet Facebook CEO Zuckerberg himself violated his own policy when a hidden video recorded him saying that he will not get vaccinated because of unknown and possibly horrifying longtime effects on a person’s DNA.

Zuckerberg’s hypocrisy is exposed in this hidden video by truth seeker James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, which, by the way has been banned by Facebook and Twitter. 

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