There’s another pandemic out there — suicide

Covid suicides pandemic
Lili Luo and her daughter

This suicide happened in Hong Kong, and it’s happening in America every 12 minutes.

Depression afflicts 25 percent of all Americans and suicide becomes the only way out for 45,000 sufferers every year.

The suicide in Hong Kong hits home with every American battling depression.

A Chinese American holding her five-month-old daughter in her arms jumped from her penthouse, killing them both.

Lili Luo, 34, a single mother, and her daughter, Aier, were pronounced dead at the scene.

The socially prominent young woman was the only daughter of a Chinese real estate tycoon and mingled with famous people such as Hillary Clinton and British pop singer Rita Ora.

Her suicide is difficult to understand in light of a message she posted on social media two months ago:

It is Aier’s 100th day for being in our World. She is God’s way to give me perspective on life. Thank you for showing up in my life my beloved daughter.

As popular blogger M. Taggart commented on an article I posted this week on suicides in New York: ‘Why do you think this is happening?’

In my unprofessional and inadequate attempt to try and answer the question, I replied: ‘I think that Covid, which is killing 12,000 people in the world every day — equivalent to four 9/11 attacks every day! — has made death more of a reality than it ever was, especially among young people. There is a dreadful sense of fatalism in the world — a world more of despair than hope. Young people with their whole lives ahead of them commit suicide rather than face isolation and loneliness. The pain-free peace of death becomes preferable to the hell and fear of life.’

In the case of Lili Luo, who had a beautiful five-month-old daughter whom she thanked God for, it is almost impossible to understand.


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  1. Media hasn’t made it any easier to digest, that is apart from everything else going on in the world