Covid Madness Spawns Police Brutality Worldwide


May 4 — Cops in New York City and around the world are using brute force to bust and humiliate citizens who don’t strictly adhere to the travesty of social distancing.

In New York City’s East Village, a man was punched repeatedly and thrown face down onto the sidewalk after failing to keep a safe distance from other pedestrians. One of the cops pulled out his Taser as other officers handcuffed the man and dragged him off to prison.

What the hell is a safe distance anyway? Reports change every day on how far the virus can travel. It started out as six feet, then it was twice that and now no one the hell knows what constitutes a safe distance. 

New York City cops even grabbed and restrained a little boy who was selling candy at a Harlem subway station. The boy was crying as his mother begged them to let him go and bystanders angrily shouted in support of the child.


Another brutal NYPD social distancing bust:



Six Months Jail for Breaking Covid Curfew — Story HERE

AND IN TEXAS —Hair Salon Owner Gets Jail Sentence for Violating Coronavirus Lockdown Order


In India, police officers beat people with batons who venture outside or fail to keep a safe distance from others. Citizens are publicly humiliated by being forced to crawl or roll around on the streets.

A senior police officer in the state of Madhya Pradesh wrote ’I have violated lockdown restrictions, keep away from me’ on a man’s forehead.

Brands lockdown violator


People in South Africa have also been forced to roll along the road and do squats for painfully long periods of time.

Cops in Johannesburg used water cannons on civilians and fired rubber bullets in the city’s poorest neighborhoods. Officers storm apartment buildings with weapons drawn to make sure residents are obeying the lockdowns.

Hundreds of people in the Philippines have been arrested, publicly shamed and abused for violating curfews, social distancing and quarantine rules. Offenders have been locked in dog cages and forced to sit in the scorching sun.


When will this madness end? Will it ever end?

Scientists say the Covid-19 virus will never be entirely vanquished. It may appear to wane for short periods of time, but it will keep coming back.

And armed cops will keep beating violators of draconian lockdown and social distancing laws with batons and locking them in cages.

Welcome to the future.

Welcome to the future

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11 thoughts on “Covid Madness Spawns Police Brutality Worldwide

  1. I’ve been to NZ, loved it, esp. Wellington. Do you know Rachel, fellow blogger (inmindandout) and wonderful poet?

  2. And it’s going to get worse — the more people assert their civil rights, the more the cops will crack down, literally, on their heads. That’s why I liked living (years back) in New Hampshire, where the motto is “Live Free Or Die.”

  3. I never got down to Christchurch , but good for you, never leave. You got an excellent PM down there.

  4. Just a couple of days ago. A video went online of cops here in L.A. beating on a civilian who is heard in the background audio telling the cops…what are you doing? It broke my heart to see this happen in my area. You are right, things will get worse and we all need to be prepared for it.

  5. Charlie, when I lived at Topanga Beach on the PCH many years ago, you would have been my kind of guy. As for Covid cops cracking heads over curfews and social fckng distancing, I say get a cabin in the woods man and be the master of your own fate. That’s what I’m going to do. Don’t let yourself be at their mercy because it ain’t gonna work. Time for Survivalism to kick in, man.

  6. “Release the Hounds” as Mr. Burns on the Simpsons might say. It seems the authoritative Hounds have been released indeed! So are these examples of overly-enforced Covid-19 restrictions — a direct result of a Nations governing body overloaded with genuine fear of the novel virus? So concerned of its spreading in their Country that the word is out to use any means necessary in getting the public to comply? A result of fear and Panic within the Government? Police force? Both?

    Or does this, as at first glance might indicate, speak systematically deeper about each Nation’s potential oppressive powers and carte blanche over its people? A police force showing its true aggressive and violent behavior that’s always been there just looking for a reason to let go the restraints. Yet in NYC as well?

    Either way, it’s a hard ugly reminder of the potential power those at the top have over us and how far they’re willing to go to force our compliance in whatever “they deem” to be necessary. We are ever more “The Sheeple” under the rule of the Master herders. A sad state of affairs Bill — very sad indeed!

  7. Wayne, you hit the nail on the head, it is the power of the authoritarian governments, the power-hungry politicians and the strong-arm tactics of the police keeping the “little people” in line. Covid is another name for Control. And what the hell can we do about it? You fight back you get busted. Every day there’s more evidence we live in a Police State — a Police World, in fact. We can either retreat into the woods and live in log cabins or we can rise up and start a revolution. The latter of course is not an option so in the end we’re screwed, to put it euphemistically.

  8. To Whom much is given much is required

    The Police Actions in Memphis set back Law Enforcement decades and was really a stain on all professional Police and true fallen Heroes.
    Looked like A turf War by Street Gang Thugs with Badges and Guns! We created them! Fueled by the huge spike of crimes lawlessness and frustration that Police Officers Face; Real criminals who are not punished so Police forced to become Vigilante Judge and Jury combating social destruction. Comply or Die Sociology.
    A bigger conversation has to be had about Community Relations Procedures and About Black American on Black American Street Crimes with now 26,000 Dead 💀 At their own hands.