Covid restrictions roundtwo

Not this time, Joe, we’re on to you!

Covid restrictions round two

Young people killed themselves from loneliness and isolation. The lockdowns, and the restrictions on public gatherings such as concerts and sporting events made lives not worth living. In addition to the people who succeeded in taking their own lives, there was a 30 percent spike in suicide attempts. We were prisoners in our own homes.

Deliveries of food and necessary consumer products ground to a halt. Grocery store shelves became empty, desperate people fought each other to get their hands on the last items. Stores were shuttered and the economy was shattered.

All this happened during the last presidential election year. Biden said he was the only one who could save America as it faced its first “dark winter.” The populace fell for it and the last three years have seen, and the people have suffered, one of the worst declines in American history.

Covid restrictions round two.

Now, just a year away from his re-election bid, Biden and his CDC (Center for Death and Coverups) plan to do it all over again.

And so begins a new round of covid shots, face masks, lockdowns and social distancing. But this time people are balking at lining up like sheep and jumping aboard the same old not so merry merry-go-round.

No riders this time around.