Allow me to say something about my late wife

(Who by the way was never late in her life)

She had many great traits but one was peerless

In a word she was fucking fearless —

That’s two words I know and one is taboo

But this is my blog and I do what I do.

Back to my wife — she did not fear death

From when we met until her last breath.

All through her life she was never afraid 

Her courage and grace she never betrayed.

She refused to endure the humiliation

Of authoritarian intimidation

Government flunkies border guards cops

She busted their imperious chops.

In later years when her illness took hold

She faced the facts and grew even more bold

In the grip of death she held my hand

And in her last breath made one demand

Do not despair my love stay strong

Live out your life it won’t be long.