More out there than cold, crazy New York City!

Something to go to bed with on a cold night in the American northeast — with many more to come.

Makes me ask myself, Why continue to live in a cold, unfriendly, over-priced overtaxed, savage city of useless politicians and psychos who get on New York City subway trains with chainsaws?

My post is a poor rendition of one posted earlier by a wonderful man and talented genius who blogs as ‘Outosego’ and who put the idea in my head:

Hawaii O5 | coming soon

Thank you, Outosego. You are a treasure in the vast, ethereal world of the Internet.


  • Thank you, dear Sir, for your kind words. You’ re a treasure, also.

    Never been to Hawaii ! Despite the fact i always wanted to visit the wonderful place. I think it’s about time ! Thanks again, dear Sir.