Civil War, whoever wins the election

Scared to sing the truth

The Civil War of 2021

The crisis facing America is bigger than anti-Trump hysteria. The very existence of the United States is at stake. Trump haters who started the psychological war will now be facing real war. 


On April 12, 1861, the Confederate Army opened fire on a federal garrison at Fort Sumpter, South Carolina, setting off the American Civil War.

History is about to repeat itself.

In just months, perhaps April 12 if fate is feeling particularly playful, Civil War II will begin, 160 years after the first one — how historically tidy.


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New Poll: Majority of Americans Fear Civil War After Election

If President Trump loses the election, white conservatives will become further radicalized and will take to the streets to fight left-wing anarchists to the death.

If Trump wins there will be an escalation of the Democrat-condoned leftist violence that’s already tearing the country apart under the banners of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.


Either way, the violence and hate between Left and Right and Black and White will mount until the street battles erupt into all-out civil war.

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  1. The Susan I knew wouldn’t have put up with this reactionary bilge. Even with her inherent Catholicism, she would have divorced you

  2. You’re out of line mister. Leave Susan out of this. Your ignorant personal attack is the kind of despicable behavior that’s tearing this country apart.