Bible-totin’ church gunman killed by cops


A madman with a Bible in his knapsack and a gun in each hand who opened fire at a New York City church Christmas concert was shot dead by cops on the church steps Sunday.

As people ran for cover the crazed gunman started shooting at the large metal door of St. John the Divine Cathedral at West 112st Street and Amsterdam Avenue in Harlem.

Police closed in and cornered him behind a pillar at the top of the steps. Screaming “Kill me! Kill me!” he continued firing wildly.

As two people huddled behind a telephone pole next to them, cops returned the fire. One of the police bullets hit the shooter in the head and killed him on the spot.

The 52-year-old gunman had a long rap sheet and clearly meant to do some mayhem at the church, police said. He was armed with two guns, and had several knives, rope, wire, tape and a full can of gasoline in a backpack — and the Bible.

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