Of Christianity and Souls in Need

In fair weather or foul shouldn’t Christians be steadfast?

As a non-religious follower of the Silver Surfer, I don’t know much about Jesus Christ but I do know one thing — he was no fair-weather friend.

He helped the downtrodden and the helpless and stood by wretches, even loved them when they betrayed him. 

Jesus was a true-blue friend.

And yet there are people I know who say they are Christians and love God and all the rest of it but ultimately turn out to be fair-weather friends. I’ve found this to be the case with a couple of so-called friends.

After the death of my wife — who by the way was the last true-blue friend I had in the world — and following earlier deaths of two brothers and my son, these people offered to help me in my grief.

But when, despite my earnest efforts, my inability to embrace or even acknowledge God became possibly insurmountable and my mood turned from hope to hopelessness amid my deepening depression they threw up her hands with the lament that I was being too negative and they couldn’t help me anymore.

You’re on your own, buster!

Before, we used to joke on the phone but when my mood darkened and blocked out all humor — not my choice by the way — they couldn’t handle it and said from here on in I was on my own.

And that, as the saying goes, was the name of that tune. They stopped phoning me. They lost all interest in trying to “save me.” Hell, they didn’t even want to talk to me anymore.

But they will still claim to anyone fool enough to believe them that they are Christians. That’s got to be hypocrisy at the highest level.

I’m pretty sure true-blue Christians would stick by bereft souls in desperate need despite black moods and feelings of hopelessness. I would think black moods go with the territory.

That’s what saving a soul is all about isn’t it? True blue commitment.

🎶 Do you need anybody?
Well I, yeah yeah yeah
Could it be anybody?
Oh there’s gotta be somebody
Don’t treat me wrong Lord
Oh yeah yeah 🎶

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3 thoughts on “Of Christianity and Souls in Need

  1. Dear friend, you are most kind, and as a still-struggling old writer who now lives alone with a steadfast cat, I thank you most heartily.