Children murdered by a monster

So many children murdered by Putin

Why doesn’t some country stop this madman?

Don’t look to Biden to do it, he’s only interested in protecting his own ass!

Children murdered by a monster while the world does nothing.

Look at the innocent beautiful face of that little girl in the picture above. If her brutal murder doesn’t break your heart, then nothing would.

Here are just four of the dozens of children with their whole lives ahead of them who are being exterminated by Putin:

Children murdered by a monster

Alisa, a little girl from Okhtyrka, died in the shelling with her grandfather.

Children murdered by a monster
Sofia, just six years old, was shot to death in a car with her family.

Children murdered by a monster
Polina, 10, from Kyiv died during the shelling on the streets of the capital.

Another young victim
Arseniy, 14, bled to death after a fragment of the projectile hit his head.


Olena Zelensky, the wife of Ukraine’s president, begged international media not to ignore the “terrible truth that Russian invaders are killing Ukrainian children.”

“Show these photos to Russian women,” she said in an emotional address on Sunday. “Your husbands and brothers are killing children. Let them know that they are personally responsible for the death of every Ukrainian child.”

America’s Biden is also responsible for the deaths of these children because he’s terrified to get his cowardly ass involved in this war.

Not only that — he’s oiling Biden’s war machine by continuing to buy Russian oil — 800,000 barrels every day — at $130 a barrel that’s $104-million a day to help Putin kill little children.


Clearly and unconscionably, by being an accessory to this horror, he’s helping the enemy!

That is outright treason.

Before Biden became “the leader” of the unfree “free world” — what kind of sick, pathetic travesty was that?! — America had all the oil it needed, and then some, it became an oil exporter for the first time in history.

But then Biden, in the name of the self-righteous “Green New Deal,” shut down oil production in the U.S. He even has to buy oil from Iran now — the world’s leading terrorist country whose leaders and citizens go around screaming “Death to America.”

Biden should not only be charged with aiding and abetting Putin’s war crimes, he should be charged with treason by making deals with a country that yells “Death to America” every day.

This old man is not only a dirty, corrupt political hack, he’s a coward with blood on his hands who should be put on trial for treason.

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