NYPD cops forced to carry out politians’ gestapo laws

Enforcing a law enacted by state politicians, New York City cops removed a little boy and his mother from a restaurant because they didn’t have Apartheid-like vaccination passports.

The boy was crying and clinging to his mother as half a dozen cops surrounded their table at a Queens eatery.

One officer is seen in a video reaching out to the boy and trying to pacify him. But customers only saw the police as cruel bullies.

“Scaring a child, traumatizing a child, hope you feel good about yourself NYPD,” a customer yelled as the cops escorted the boy and his mother out of the Applebee’s restaurant.

“We don’t make the laws,” one officer said, referring to New York State’s vaccination card mandate.

Customers continued to protest and blame the police, and social media went berserk with anti-cop posts, but their abuse was misdirected. Politicians did this!

Four protesters were arrested and charged with criminal trespass. The mother and child were not charged.

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  • Never underestimate what many police officers will do in accordance with state mandate. They will be the ones enforcing whatever horror is being handed down.

  • Thanks for putting this in perspective for me, R.D. — the police were carrying out orders made by POLITICIANS. If they don’t they get suspended. I rewrote the piece accordingly.

  • Yup. They are the foot soldiers/thugs for the elite. I have no respect for police who mindlessly follow orders and will not stand up and say “no” to unconstitutional edict.

  • I agree, but if they don’t “follow orders” they could lose their jobs and their livelihood — it’s a dilemma. But one thing is clear — politicians are the cause of this.

  • Seems that way, Sunnyside, although I bet some of those cops have kids of their own and hate enforcing this kind of lousy ‘political’ law.