‘You gotta have a home’


Every time I come home to my hovel I think of all the homeless people across America and how lucky I am to have a home.

If I had the money I would spend it building homes for this shockingly ignored segment of the population.

How lucky to have a home

Shamefully, the billionaires and millionaires who do have the money ignore the homeless. They step over them on their way to their filthy rich selfish lives.

‘You gotta have a home’


The boll weevil, a beetle that feeds on cotton buds, infested American cotton fields in the 1920s and caused widespread devastation to the industry. The critter also spawned many songs.

Songs about the boll weevil were recorded by several blues musicians during the 1920s through the 1940s. ‘Mother of the Blues’ Ma Rainey recorded a song called Bo-Weevil Blues in 1923, and Bessie Smith covered it in 1924. In 1929, blues pioneer Charley Patton recorded a song called Mississippi Boweevil Blues describing the first time the narrator saw the boll weevil.

But the song didn’t gain genuine popularity until legendary blues singer Lead Belly recorded a version in 1934.

Fast forward 27 years to Brook Benton’s The Boll Weevil Song which was a hit single during the summer of 1961. It became the highest-charting single of Benton’s career — No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for three weeks and No. 2 on the R&B chart.

I am reminded of all this because Brook Benton died on this day April 9, 1988, at the age of 56.

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Billion dollars to buy presidency while homeless people die


I try and avoid getting into politics for the same reason I avoid going into a rat-infested building.

But former New York City mayor and presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg warrants a comment.

Bloomberg, who is worth more than $50-billion, will spend more than one billion dollars in what inevitably will be a failed attempt to “buy” the U.S. presidency. Mark my words.

Bloomberg could save homeless

Can you imagine the good he could do with that billion dollars!

Every night in America there are more than a 700,000 people — men, women and children, in many cases whole families — trying to survive on the streets, in alleyways, in abandoned cars, under freeway overpasses and in “tent cities.” That number is an extremely low estimate — in reality there are more likely twice that number.

Bloomberg’s billion dollars could provide housing for many thousands of these homeless Americans. 


Bloomberg, a publishing tycoon, donates just seven percent of his personal worth to different causes, including the opioid crisis, gun control, the arts, and the environment — but for some reason homelessness seems not to be one of them.

Bloomberg could save homeless

Helping the homeless takes precedence over one little man’s futile campaign to be president of the United States.

Since beginning his campaign in November, Bloomberg has spent more than $250 million on TV ads — including $10-million for a Super Bowl spot.

All the ads are doing, by the way, are annoying people and turning off voters — especially during the Super Bowl which people watch to get away from politics.

Meanwhile, more than one hundred homeless people will die on Super Bowl Sunday.

You gotta have a home!

Bloomberg could save homeless

Die in street

Streets of SF

Bloomberg could save homeless

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