Silver Surfer Challenges God


  Who is best able to handle all the evil and misery in the world?
“I have seen men build and destroy. I have seen this world, which could be a paradise, reduced to a planet of greed, fear and hatred, I have seen humanity betrayed. I can stomach no more!” — Silver Surfer

In a surprising announcement today, the Silver Surfer issued an unprecedented challenge to God that would put their awesome powers to the ultimate test.

The Silver Surfer said he will match his powers with those of God to determine which one of them is best suited to handle the out-of-control violence, anger and suffering on Earth and on an infinite number of planets in the universe.

“If the Almighty will dare to reveal Himself,” taunted the Silver Surfer in a message on the galactic social platform Universal Language, “I am prepared to meet him head on in a contest to see who can achieve Total Good on Earth and throughout the Universe.”

Possible sighting of God (last known image, taken in 1968)

The Silver Surfer, a former humble astronaut from an alien planet, appeared to be speaking out of character by making such a public challenge. Mainstream media slammed it as a “blasphemous and shameless display of grandstanding by an overblown ego.”

The Silver Surfer defended his call to action by saying he can longer abide God’s continuing invisibility and silence in the midst of mounting misery and apocalyptic gloom that afflicts the Cosmos.

If God takes the challenge — which many doubt — He will find out that the Silver Surfer has daunting powers. They include creating life and healing himself and others by recreating damaged cells, traveling at speeds of 500,000 light years in seconds, moving moons and creating black holes — powers that would seem to match those of God.

Silver Surfer challenges God.

For readers who may not know the origin of the Silver Surfer, here’s some background.


The Silver Surfer was formerly a young astronaut named Norrin Radd who lived on the peaceful planet of Zenn-La. Enter an evil super entity known as Galactus, who gets his energy, his life force by devouring planets.

When Galactus threatened to consume Zenn-La, Norrin Radd made a pact with the galactic monster to save his own planet and his fellow citizens by agreeing to work for Galactus, traveling the universe and finding new planets for him to consume.

The Silver Surfer working for Galactus

In exchange for his services Galactus endowed Radd with the Power Cosmic and in the process the former astronaut became the Silver Surfer. With indestructible metallic skin he travels through space on a surfboard-like craft at superluminal speeds.

When the Silver Surfer’s travels took him to Earth he met the Fantastic Four — the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, Mister Fantastic and the Thing. Galactus was on the verge of consuming Earth when the Fantastic Four influenced the Silver Surfer to rediscover his true self and defy the evil devourer of planets.

Silver Surfer with the Fantastic Four

The Silver Surfer thus betrayed Galactus, saved Earth and dedicated himself to fighting evil throughout the cosmos.

We all know what God can do or claims He can do, here’s just some of what the Silver Surfer can do —


  • Incredible speed. He can travel 500,000 light years in seconds! He can also use this speed in short bursts to dodge sudden attacks.
  • Time travel. He can fly at such immeasurable speeds that he shatters the time barrier and can travel to whatever time he chooses.
  • Healing and creating life. He can both heal himself and others, using the power cosmic to repair or recreate damaged cells.
  • Manipulate matter. Using telekinesis he can move objects and can transmute matter by changing atoms and substances from one form to another.
  • Create energy. He can blast his enemies with energy beams and create powerful force fields to protect himself. He can use this power to create black holes.
  • Super strength. His feats have included pushing a moon out of the way and breaking through a magically-charged vibranium wall with his bare hands.
  • Indestructibility. The Silver Surfer’s skin is composed of an impervious metallic substance that can withstand blows from the strongest beings in the universe. It also enables him to surf through stars and withstand the power of supernovas.
  • Cosmic awareness. He is imbued with an understanding of the universe that no human beings could even comprehend.

These are just some of the Silver Surfer’s powers. Full list HERE.


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The Silver Surfer abandons his search for God

Now a ‘Rescue Mission’ for Lost Souls

Silver Surfer abandons search.

Exclusive interview with American Daze Purple Haze

ADPH: Thanks for granting this interview, Silver Surfer.

SS: My pleasure.

ADPH: Was there one overwhelming reason why you gave up your search for God?

SS: Yes. He’s nowhere to be found.

ADPH: How can you be so sure?

SS: I scoured every corner of more than a trillion galaxies at ultra light speed and came up empty.

ADPH: More than a trillion! But I was under the impression there are only two hundred billion galaxies in the Universe.

SS: That’s how many are known to human astronomers — I found many, many more in my travels.

ADPH: Of course. So now what?

SS: Now the so-called search mission has become a rescue mission for all the lost souls formerly believed to be in quote Heaven unquote.

ADPH: Your assumption then is that if there is no God, there can be no Heaven?

SS: Of course. It’s the only logical conclusion.

ADPH: You wouldn’t agree then with the guest we had on last week?

SS: Who was your guest last week?

ADPH: The Jackdaw of Unreason.

SS: I think you’ve just answered your own question.

ADPH: Do you have a problem announcing this on Easter Sunday?

SS: What are they going to do — shoot the messenger?

ADPH: That’d sure be a waste of ammo — and bullets are an essential commodity here in America. Guns, ammo and liquor.

SS: Speaking of liquor, do you have anything to drink in your modest bungalow?

ADPH: A liquor cabinet full. What’s your preference? You look like a bourbon man to me.

SS: Jack and I go way back.

ADPH: Excellent. Man, it’s great to have someone to drink with. I’ve been pretty much alone here since my wife died sixteen months ago.

SS: I know the feeling — when I lost the love of my life.


ADPH: I read about that. I’m sorry. [They sip their bourbons for a while, each lost in his own thoughts. Then:] Hey, Silver Surfer, I know what you said about no God and no Heaven, but do you think it’s possible that my wife’s indestructible atoms could have reassembled in some unknown form in another galaxy?

SS: Not only is it possible, my friend, it is very likely.

ADPH: You don’t know what that means to me, Silver Surfer. Life without her has been unbearable. Every day, every night, suicidally so. So what you say gives me hope. Question is, which galaxy, right?

SS: Well, I can help you with that — Say, do you have anything to smoke with this fine bourbon?

ADPH: How about some Purple Haze?

SS: I smoke it all the time.

ADPH: I bet you do, Silver Surfer, I bet you do.

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Silver Surfer to help in Cosmic Quest

It’s a long shot but profound grief makes one push the envelope.

First of all, let me tell you about this super hero, the Silver Surfer. Man, I can’t begin tell you what he can do (see footnote below). But just for starters, he travels throughout the Universe on a surfboard craft faster than the speed of light.  

Now, as incredible as this sounds, there’s a remote chance that I can enlist the Silver Surfer to help find my wife, who, I hope beyond hope and pray beyond prayer, is somewhere out there, among the 100 billion galaxies in the Universe.

The Silver Surfer suffered his own loss of a soulmate, so he would understand my quest.

The long lost Dawn

I don’t mean to insult any reader, but in case you don’t know, the Silver Surfer is a humanoid alien with indestructible metallic skin who can travel through space on the surfboard at superluminal speed.

He used to be an astronomer, Norrin Radd, who lived on the planet Zenn-La, which was targeted for extinction by the planet devourer Galactus, a god-like figure who feeds on the energy of living planets. 


Radd confronted Galactus and offered to become his herald, seeking out new worlds for him to devour if Galactus would spare Zenn-La. Galactus agreed and transformed Radd into the silver-skinned, cosmic-powered super-being, imbuing him with a small portion of his Power Cosmic.* (see footnote)

Radd basically had sold his soul; he served Galactus for 100 years. But when Galactus planned to devour Earth, things changed radically for the conflicted Radd. It’s a complex story [see here] but with the help of the Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer rediscovered his noble spirit and his soul.

The Silver Surfer defied Galactus and saved Earth! Galactus took his revenge by exiling him to Earth, where the Silver Surfer joined forces with the Fantastic Four and other super heroes to fight demons and destroyers throughout the Universe.

Heavy duty stuff! So here’s the deal. I have a supernatural acquaintance — I can say no more about that at this time — who has a way (again, secrecy must prevail) of contacting a certain member of the Fantastic Four, who in turn can contact the Silver Surfer.

As I said, it’s not going to be easy — in fact it’s going to be incredibly difficult — but I believe that nothing is impossible in this already impossible Universe.


*Herewith the “aesthetic evil” of the footnote: Power Cosmic is cosmic energy that allows the possessor to perform God-like feats, including creating life, resurrection, manipulating souls, memories and emotions, telepathy, telekinesis, size alteration, transmutation of matter, teleportation of objects across space, creation of force fields, inter-dimensional portals, and, the most formidable of all, mass-scale events such as re-creating dead worlds and destroying multiple solar systems simultaneously.

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