Over and over in your brain


Face it — your wife is gone forever

Will you see her again — no never

The pain of that cuts like a knife

You cry every night you cry for your wife

No respite — no end in sight

Every day and every night

In your mind the same scene plays

Over and over in a ghostly haze

Sitting by her side in emergency

Background noises of urgency

You hold her hand still warm in yours

You take that as an encouraging sign

But she’s deeply unconscious unaware

You touch her face you touch her hair

If you can hear me squeeze my hand

Light glints off her wedding band

No squeeze back no sign she heard

Tears in your eyes your vision blurred

Her hand falls back onto  the sheet

Then abruptly no breath — no heartbeat

The horror the dread — your wife is dead

You can never block that from your head

The same scene plays over and over

Holding her hand still warm in yours

And then her hand falling away

No matter how fervently you pray

You cannot drive that from your brain

You think you are going insane —

The next step will be obvious

Render yourself oblivious.