There are now four Americas. There used to be two — a white America and a black America. Now we can add a vaccinated America and an unvaccinated America.

And in both areas, racial and medical, neither side will ever come together.

Blacks and whites definitely get along on an individual or group level but they will never really assimilate as one race, namely, the human race.

Likewise with people who have received the Covid vaccine and the so-called anti-vaxxers.

Even among families, these two groups are at serious odds.

And just as discrimination still exists between whites and blacks, there is growing discrimination between vaxxers and anti-vaxxers.


It now goes beyond discrimination to segregation. Just as racial segregation existed until the Civil Rights Act of 1964, now we have vaccination segregation.

This new social ill needs its own term, right up there with racism — how about vaxism?

In this the Covid era, being unvaccinated is seen as a social evil. The unvaccinated are condemned as a danger to society, and even shunned by their own relatives. They are being excluded from mass venues like sporting events and concerts, and from personal gatherings like family barbecues.


There has been talk of making unvaccination a crime.

Conversely, there is a fear that the vaccinated are a danger to the unvaccinated because their Covid vaccine contaminated bodies “shed” harmful “spike” proteins, which are themselves a health hazard. As with all things Covid, opinions are wildly contradictory on this issue.

All in all, it results in one hell of a society — actually four hells of a society. It’s enough to make a fellah want to go live in the woods with a rifle — Oh, I forgot, I do live in the woods with a rifle.

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