Son blames covid skeptics for his father’s lonely death



A son’s brutally honest obituary for a Kansas veterinarian blamed covid deniers for contributing to the spread of the virus that killed his father.

“People from my hometown talk about how this disease isn’t real, isn’t that bad, masks don’t work, and so forth,” Courtney Farr wrote.

“And because of those attitudes my father’s death was so much harder on him, his family and his caregivers than it should have been.”

Marvin Farr, 81, died in isolation at a nursing home in Scott City, Kansas, with no family and no friends allowed in the room.

“He was preceded in death by more than 260,000 Americans infected with covid-19,” the son wrote in the obituary. “He died in a room not his own, being cared for by people dressed in confusing and frightening ways. His final days were harder, scarier and lonelier than necessary.”

The son said he wrote the scathing obituary after listening to people in his rural town downplay the severity of the global pandemic that has so far claimed more than 1.5 million lives worldwide.

“As a young man,” the son wrote of his father, “he debated between studying mortuary or veterinary science. He chose life over death.”

But now death, in the form of a cruel virus, has claimed Marvin Farr.

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