Cabbage ground beef recipe Cabbage ground beef recipe

Great recipe for cabbage and ground beef

More in the kitchen adventures of a clueless widower.

The only witness to the calamities that occur in the kitchen when I attempt to cook is my cat.

She sits on a bar stool and watches the floor show — and several of my attempts have in fact ended up on the floor, and set off the smoke alarm, and burned the hell out of my hand… and whatever else.

Finally, amid four-letter howls of pain, a smoking skillet flung into the sink, and the declaration of a disaster area, she repairs to another room where she’s more likely to survive.

Best vegetable soup dish

Fair enough, but given the fact that I am a kitchen-traumatized clueless cooker, if I could just once successfully — that is to say, miraculously — complete one edible meal, it would be this one.

The video is eight minutes long and accompanied by a lovely melody — it’s mesmerizing, and, if you’re not me, it could lead to gastronomical nirvana.

The ingredients at the bottom of the video are in German but most of them are easily identifiable, and the pictures of the instructions speak for themselves. 

➡️ English translation of the ingredients and instructions are on the YouTube version, the link to which is below.

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7 thoughts on “Great recipe for cabbage and ground beef

  1. A recipe without measurements is not really a recipe. It turned out just ok but not sure if it was made correctly. Can you post the measurements please.

  2. One onion; and, according to taste, salt and a mixture of Italian herbs, nutmeg, black pepper, paprika and 2 cloves of garlic; 5 tablespoons of white yogurt; and 2 teaspoons of tomato paste. If I’ve left something out please let me know.