Burn Billy Burn


Back in the day in your heyday in your thirties a wild man between marriages a disastrous first marriage married too young and so on and so forth and before you found S. you had friends and you had girlfriends you had the time of your life as the song goes and then yes S. the love of your life and marriage and thirty years of tumultuous but steadfast love through many family deaths mothers brothers only son and still together until the thunderbolt struck and S. was gone and you were alone and one by one for whatever reason the few relatives you had left and the fewer friends abandoned you and you were totally alone in an empty house with ghosts and Bella the cat a sweet companion but limited conversation and you knew that if you opened the back door she would be off like a shot bounding through the woods at the back of the house and you knew what you would do when the time came

you would open the back door and let the cat free and you would burn the house down

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