BlackPink hot new sensation

They’re hot — and very cool



New global sensation BlackPink sets out on a world tour next month, coming to America on October 25 with a concert in Dallas, and then five other U.S.cities.

The South Korean K-pop group performed their latest album Pink Venom at the Video Music Awards last weekend — their first U.S. music awards appearance — and will follow with an album Born Pink on September 16.

BlackPink (블랙핑크) stylized as BLɅϽKPIИK, is the most successful Korean group internationally and have been dubbed the “biggest girl group in the world.”

The foursome — Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa — hit the world stage in August 2016 with the album Square One, which featured the songs  ‘Whistle’ and ‘Boombayah.’

Their music has been banned in North Korea — even possessing a CD results in death by firing squad.


BlackPink hot new sensation.


  • Seoul: October 15-16
  • Dallas: October 25
  • Houston: October 29
  • Atlanta: November 2
  • Hamilton, Canada: November 6-7
  • Chicago: November 10-11
  • Newark: November 14-15
  • Los Angeles: November 19
  • London: November 30-December 1
  • Barcelona: December 5
  • Cologne: December 8
  • Paris: December 11-12
  • Berlin: December 18
  • Amsterdam: December 22


BlackPink hot new sensation

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6 thoughts on “They’re hot — and very cool

  1. I was being serious, I’m sorry to say. I put a link to the firing squad story in the K-pop story, about the fifth paragraph down, but you can find it if you write in the keyword ‘firing squad’ in my Search box, or here it is here:

  2. Such barbaric cruelty is hard to believe alright, that’s why I’m glad to live in America, despite the many stupid politicians.

  3. Absolutely right, Larisa — we have to fight back, first by throwing them out of office.