It’s getting ugly out there

Joe Biden Voters Threaten to Burn Down the Homes of Trump Supporters

President Trump supporters are receiving letters from Democrat Joe Biden voters threatening to burn down their homes.

The letters are being mailed to residents who have pro-Trump signs and flags on their properties.

“You have been identified as a Trump supporter,” the arson letters read. “Your address has been added to our database as a target. Check your home insurance policy and make sure it has coverage for fire damage. You have been given fair warning.”

Left-wing Biden thugs have so far mailed threatening letters to Trump supporters in the New Hampshire towns of Milford and Brookline. The letters are expected to be mailed nationwide.

This fear of attack by crazed liberals is why people voting to re-elect President Trump keep their intentions to themselves — the so-called Silent Majority.

Through all this, and the Ukraine corruption charges against him, the 77-year-old Democrat presidential nominee remains in hiding in his basement and refuses to talk to the press.

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