Biden unfit to be President and the Democratic Party knows it

Biden’s increasing senility imperils America

“The entire Democratic establishment has conspired to trick America into voting for someone incapable of being president,” writes Miranda Devine in the New York Post.

Miranda Devine

Joe Biden’s “cognitive decline” is obvious to everyone. On most campaign stops, he doesn’t know where he is, she writes in her Sunday column.

“Hello, Dallas,” he said in Pennsylvania.

“Hello, Florida,” he said in Minnesota.

In Iowa, he thought he was in Ohio.

He doesn’t know what year it is. “I’m running as a proud Democrat for the United States Senate,” he has said more than once.

Last week, he confused Donald Trump with former President George W. Bush. “Four more years of George, uh, George,” he said.

Biden is hopelessly lost with numbers, often mixing up thousands with millions. He said 200 million Americans had died from the covid virus — the number was about 230,000 at last count.

Senile fool

He said guns have killed 150 million people since 2007 — that would be nearly half the total population of the U.S. The estimated figure is more like 150,000.

The 77-year-old Biden was foisted on the American people by an opposition party that got stuck with him as their candidate. Now they desperately try to cover up his senility and censor his corrupt dealings.

Democrats hate Donald Trump so much that they are prepared to imperil the lives of American people.

It is obvious that Biden is mentally unfit to lead the most powerful country on earth and be Commander in Chief of a military that has the arsenal to destroy the world.


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