Biden dementia no joke

‘Commander in Chief’ not in command


WORLD Biden dementia no joke

Dementia is nothing to make fun of and this clip ⬇️ would be just plain sad if Joe Biden wasn’t in charge of people’s lives and the fate of the world. The fact that he is bodes ill for all of us.


The most troubling part of all this is that Vice President Kamala Harris is already running the show. She is taking phone calls from world leaders on behalf of Biden — the most recent with President Emmanuel Macron of France.

Previous vice-presidents have never done that — that is the president’s job.

The world will regret that Biden picked the most unpopular candidate as his vice president. She polled a mere 5 percent in the Democrat presidential primary. She was the most arrogant, meanest, vindictive candidate of them all.

Choosing her was clearly the act of a demented man. Harris makes the hated Hillary Clinton look like Mother Teresa.

Biden dementia no joke
Bitch in Chief

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4 thoughts on “‘Commander in Chief’ not in command

  1. You’re absolutely right. Obama told Harris some years ago that she should run for president — and then added that she was the “best-looking attorney general in the country.” What a pair! And Biden’s their dimwitted stooge.

  2. The video reminds me of an episode from the original Star Trek series titled “Patterns Of Force” where Gill is propped up and controlled as a puppet leader.