Biden scandal won’t make a difference to outcome

Biden corruption story censored

Social Media Admit Censoring Biden-Ukraine Corruption Story

But voters in the Un-United States of America have already decided

There are two intractable and defiant sides — Trump fanatics and Trump haters — and nothing else amounts to a hill of beans.

Independent and undecided voters and even Democrats don’t really want “cognitively-challenged” Ole Joe as their President and Commander in Chief.

Biden corruption story censored

And they certainly don’t want nasty, combative Kamala Harris who was one of the most unpopular candidates in the Democrat nomination process. She even attacked Biden for his past support of racial segregation in schools.

All that matters is that their names aren’t Trump.


To go through the motions, here’s what the New York Post exclusive is all about.

Twitter censored a story about then-Vice President Biden’s corrupt dealings with the Ukraine that made his unskilled son Hunter rich.

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey admitted to the censorship after President Trump threatened to remove Facebook and Twitter content protections that allow them to publish all manner of offensive stuff.

Biden corruption story censored

Trump’s Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s Twitter account was locked for ‘sharing’ the story.

Yet, she noted, stories accusing Trump of collusion with Russia remained untouched despite the fact that he was cleared. McEnany said Twitter had her “at gunpoint” and had locked her account until she deletes the Biden tweet.

Facebook also made an attempt to censor the story by “limiting its flow” or words to that effect.


When Biden was Obama’s vice president, his son Hunter Biden was being paid $50,000 a month as a member of the board of directors of a Ukrainian energy company.

The Ukrainian government was investigating the company for corrupt practices. Vice President Biden told Ukrainian officials that the U.S. would withhold financial aid to the country if they didn’t fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son’s company. 


“Well, son of a bitch,” Biden bragged afterwards. “He got fired.”

Joe Biden denied meeting his son’s Ukrainian business partner despite an email from the partner to Hunter Biden that reads, ‘Thank you for opportunity to meet your father.’

Additionally there are 40,000 emails yet to be published that incriminate Hunter Biden in a sex and drugs scandal.


Joe Biden’s INFLUENCE PEDDLING has all the makings of an illegal conflict of interest.

He refused to face reporters and answer questions about the matter yesterday, retreating to his basement hideaway early in the morning where he’s been most of the campaign.

Biden Clams up on the corrupt Ukraine deal

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