Biden a “confused lying fool”

Biden is a ‘confused lying fool’ — Judge rips Prez to pieces


Firebrand Judge Jeanine Pirro scorched Joe Biden on her TV program Saturday night and called for the ‘Commander in Chief’ to be court-martialed.

The fearless host called Biden a “fumbling, idiotic, confused, lying fool” and went on for eight minutes to describe the barbaric and deadly catastrophe he’s created in Afghanistan.

“You are clueless,” she said of Biden in her opening monologue. “But more than that, you are dangerous.”

With the death toll mounting daily and many thousands of Americans still behind enemy lines, the U.S troop pullout from Afghanistan has become the biggest debacle and the most ignominious capitulation in U.S. military history.

Confused lying fool


The fiery Pirro got the airwaves so heated up that the network lost its TV feed to her first guest and had to cut to a commercial.

The judge said impeachment over the crime of leaving Americans to the savagery of the Taliban would not be punishment enough for the 78-year-old president.

“You, as Commander in Chief, should be court-martialled.”

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7 thoughts on “Biden is a ‘confused lying fool’ — Judge rips Prez to pieces

  1. It’s beyond horrifying to see the images of the people who now face hideous torture and death — all because of Biden’s incompetence! He ignored all advice and took the troops out and closed the military airport before getting the Americans out. And people voted for this imbecile!

  2. This is the most dreadful betrayal of people and ally’s I’ve ever seen, all of our countries helped you in your hour of need to be dumped like this, how can Biden live this one down, America looks stupid right now

  3. The people who voted for this demented political hack just because they had a paranoid hatred of Trump bear the responsibility — I should say irresponsibility — for his shocking and shameful inability to handle the job as president. And he’s only been in office for eight months! America is in trouble.