Did they die in vain?

The deaths of 2,977 victims of unimaginable horror and the hundreds of firefighters, police and medics who died trying to save them will haunt their families and friends and sadden all of us for the rest of our lives.

did they die in vain?

On the 20th anniverary of the deadliest terrorist attack in world history, this man...

biden admitting terrorists

…is allowing tens of thousands of unvetted Afghans into America, incuding several hundred with known terrorist connections. He is also letting murderers, drug dealers, child traffickers and an unknown number of terrorists across the U.S.-Mexican border without background checks.

Biden’s open-border madness is tantamount to telling the bereaved families whose loved ones suffered terrifying deaths that they died in vain. Their murders will not only go unavenged — the mastermind behind the attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and four others being held at Guantanamo Bay still haven’t been tried — but more terrorist attacks will again tear America apart.


This president, this confused ‘commander in chief’ will have aided and abetted the next terror attack in America — and there will be a next. The country is fast becoming overrun with religious fanatics whose sole mission is to kill Americans.

And the submissive compliance of members of his government magnifies the crisis to a catastrophic level.

Is Biden clinically insane? We know he is in a rapidly advancing stage of dementia, but opening America’s borders to terrorists and felons is the worst criminal perfidy ever committed by a president.

This betrayal of trust by a president towards the people of his own county is an unprecedented act of treachery.

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