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He keeps getting richer 🎶 but he can’t get his picture 🎶 on the cover of the Rolling Stone

If the coronavirus doesn’t make you sick, this will

“World’s Worst Boss” on his way to becoming the first Covid-19 trillionaire

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos’ $145-billion fortune is skyrocketing as stores large and small fall victim to the coronavirus.

His mail-order business is going through the roof, making him an estimated $250,000 every 60 seconds. His net worth increased by $40-billion in the past year, more than the Gross Domestic Product of 100 countries around the world. 

Meanwhile, workers in Amazon warehouses reportedly slave in sweatshops under hellish conditions. 

One Amazon VP quit over the firing of executives who spoke out against working conditions, which include inadequate protection against the killer virus.

Bezos first covid trillionaire

Bezos was named the “World’s Worst Boss” by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), an organization with 180 million members in 161 countries.

And here’s another thing — he was the only one of the world’s top five billionaires who refused to sign the Giving Pledge, an initiative created by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett that encourages wealthy people to donate much of their wealth.

Bezos first covid trillionaire
What! Me give my money to charity! Ha-ha-ha-ha!

But let’s get down to numbers.

A trillion is equal to a thousand billions or a million millions — meaningless numbers. The following graphics provide a better picture.

This is what a measly million dollars looks like in $100 bills stacked in 100 packets of $10,000 — it would easily fit into a small shopping bag.



This is what a billon dollars looks like in the same packages of $100 bills — now we’re talking a large truck.


And this is what a trillion dollars looks like in the same $100 stacks — that’d be Bezos practically invisible in the bottom left corner.

STACKED IN $1000 bills

P.S. A grisly non sequitur. As a youth, when he worked on his grandparents’ ranch in Texas, Jeff Bezos castrated cattle.

You gotta love this guy!

But forget him — let’s have some fun!

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14 thoughts on “He keeps getting richer 🎶 but he can’t get his picture 🎶 on the cover of the Rolling Stone

  1. Just think of the hundreds of thousands of jobs he has created. And the conscience of ordering items cheaply delivered from Amazon. If it was so bad to work for him, then people wouldn’t. I Love Jeff Bezos! Never good figure out the hatred for rich people. The world is blessed for all the jobs he created. He should be considered a hero. And Bill Gates is the biggest crook of all time. His “charity” is a cover for forced population control.

  2. In theory, Capitalism was thought to provide a trickle-down economic effect from the wealthy business owners to the working class. But most of the large corporations today circumvent this procedure by seeking cheap low-wage labor. Usually in poor countries where not only is labor cheap and basically unregulated by law — but the cost of running a business, factory or plant in these places are also beneficially low.

    Oh, and if you happen to be polluting or raping the environment while running your plant there? Or treating your employees as slaves? No worries! The Governments are just happy to add the people you employ to their overall employment rate used in justifying their re-election. A win-win situation for both the “I just care about my selfish political agenda” politician — and the “how can I get richer by any means” corporations.

    Look closely and you’ll find most of today’s western corporate ventures include sub-par, and low-wage facilities in other countries. It seems the common laborer is just an easily sacrificed pond on the economic chess-board dominated by the power elites.

    And Kudos to your Dr. Hook video Bill! I surprised myself singing word for word as it was playing. Great tune! Keep rocking my friend!

  3. Thanks, dude. I hadn’t listened to that song in a long time. The ‘70s was my time, yours too I reckon. There’s a lot to think about in your reply. I’m just a common man, and you know what, I hate the rich.

  4. I hear you Bill. I feel the same about large corporations like the giant pharmaceuticals who collude to keep our drug prices so high. Even those that we may need to save our lives! — Stay safe my friend!

  5. Yo, Wayne. I used to live in Toronto and then Vancouver way back when. Great country then, is it still?

  6. Yeah I think so. Government is handling the virus thing well. They’re making us all isolate but giving everybody money to survive the lock-down. No real protest as everyone has enough cash to stay put for now. And they’re letting science and the Pandemic experts call the shots. The only issues are the privately run senior-homes. Like other countries these have been the greatest sources of deaths. Other than the virus Canada is still a great place to live and raise a family. Always voted in the top 10 as best places to live world wide every year. Stay safe Bill!

  7. According to the 2020 Global Peace Index, Canada ranks #6 as the safest places to live in the world. Scoring particularly well for internal conflicts, levels of crime, and political stability, healthcare, and effective government. Our crime rate is about one-third that of the U.S. Violent crime or mass shootings are almost non-existent and any form of racism is not tolerated by law and by the vast overwhelming majority of its citizens.

    Its not all sugarplum and lollipops, housing and rents can be expensive. So is TV and Internet access. Taxes too. But the biggest benefit in my mind is that the Country has its priorities straight. It rules with logic and uses science (which is never questioned here) when appropriately needed. Our government for the most part, still benefits the people and political corruption on a wide scale is something that happens in other Countries.

    Its far from perfect Bill. But from where you are now — I’d say it could definitely be an ease on your mind. Both politically, mentally, and free health care physically.

  8. Well, I know I could never afford Vancouver, and I wouldn’t go back to Toronto again — Montreal maybe, or if I wanted to make a sea-change, Newfoundland. But I’m getting too old to go anywhere — just drinking my life away, remembering a better day (apologies to Eddie Rabbitt).