World leaders gang up on the planet’s richest — and cheapest — man

Bezos biggest tax dodger
Jeff Bezos shamelessly spends his obscene fortune on himself.

The $185 billion cheapskate is also the world’s biggest tax dodger.

Bezos spent more money on his new home in Beverly Hills than Amazon paid in U.S. federal income tax last year, according to a report by 400 politicians worldwide.

He is also a lousy boss. His employees have been described as slaves, who toil in dangerous working conditions, enjoy little or no pay increases, and face retaliation if they try to organize for a fair shake.

And he treats the environment like crap.

Amazon’s “carbon footprint is greater than two-thirds of the world’s countries,” the global report stated.

The company has “dodged and dismissed its debts to workers, societies and the planet,” the report said.

The 59-year-old has become even more obscenely rich since the pandemic hit, as consumers use online shopping in ever increasing numbers.


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