Welcome to Baghdad

Is this America or Iraq?

Troops ordered to use ‘lethal force’

The Land of the Free is a powder keg of hate

Washington DC has been turned into an occupied military zone like Baghdad for Tuesday’s inauguration of Joe Biden.

An army of 25,000 National Guard troops have been mobilized in the nation’s capital.

Armed troops manning checkpoints in and out of the city have been authorized to use lethal force 

Razor wire has been installed on fences and in front of buildings, bridges over the Potomac have been closed and the National Mall has been shut down, transforming the city into a huge fortress.

‘Insider attack’ feared

U.S. defense officials are also preparing in the event of an insider attack or threat from service members involved in securing the inauguration.

The FBI is conducting background checks on all of the 25,000 National Guard troops entering Washington.

All 50 state capitals in the U.S. have also been placed on high alert as the anti-government militia group the Boogaloo Boys plan armed rallies in Washington and in all state capitals on Sunday.

Boogaloo Boys want a revolution

Boogaloo members, who are heavily armed and wear tactical gear, have publicly stated their aim is to incite a second American Revolution, which they call the boogaloo. (The term boogaloo refers to a 1984 cult film ‘Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo’ — the group refers to its planned revolution as ‘Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo.’)

Also, in preparation for the inauguration, federal prisons across the United States are on lockdown to prevent potential violence by convicts. The unprecedented lockdown at more than 120 prisons went into effect at midnight Saturday.

Meanwhile, a construction worker in Washington DC has filmed the military presence in the city.


“This is what our city looks like now,” he says in the video.

And then he has one question:

Why would someone need to put up all these barriers if he legitimately won the election?

‘If you need all this to protect your inauguration from the people, maybe the f—ing people didn’t f—ing elect you!”

See the worker’s video here

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