Bad Barbie provokes war

More bullshit on the pale blue dot

Bad Barbie provokes war


The new comedy movie Barbie has been banned in Vietnam because of a brief scene that shows the so-called ‘nine-dash line,’ a U-shaped border indicating China’s disputed territorial claims in the South China Sea.

Bad Barbie provokes war

Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei all say the line violates their sovereignty. The Philippines is expected to be the next to block the movie from being released.

Meanwhile, China sees itself laughing all the way to the box office. The commies have approved the movie for release where it is expected to earn far more than it does in Southeast Asia.

P.S. Casting 42-year-old Ryan Gosling as the Ken doll aroused a flurry of criticism on social media from film buffs who said he is too old to play Ken. While Margot Robbie, 33, makes a perfect Barbie, Gosling looks ridiculous. In fact, despite Margot being in it, the whole movie sounds ridiculous (but I may be wrong).

Bad Barbie provokes war


2 thoughts on “More bullshit on the pale blue dot

  1. Perfect woke movie to take your little one to. I watched the trailer on Youtube and this is one movie that should not have been made. It’s bad enough that comics are made into movies, but now Barbie and Ken? I doubt the kids will even buy this one.

  2. Yeah from just seeing the trailer I agree. Bad choice for Margot Robbie who is actually an excellent actress — she was great as the bad girl skater Tonya Harding, and as a fugitive bank robber in ‘Dreamland’ set in Depression era Texas.