November 3rd — all hell breaks loose!


Scenario for ‘Showdown at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’


The Democrat Party knows before the November 3rd election that their candidate Hiden Biden has rapidly advancing dementia. They also know they can’t get him elected unless they rig` the vote-by-mail system.

Advancing demetia
“Hi there, my name is Bo Jiden and I’m running for… er… you know, that house, it’s white and er… it’s in Pennsylvania… no, not Pennsylvania…”


Both parties realize the result will not be known on election night or the day after or even for many days as the mailed-in votes take a long time to count. Several states, including all-important Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, are not allowed to start counting ballots until the polls close on Election Day.

The day after the election, the Democrats demand that Trump leave the White House until the final results are in, with Speaker of the House, Blow Dry Pelosi, to be sworn in as Interim President.

Interim Prez
Nightmare on Swamp Street


But President Trump refuses to step down until the vote count is official. The Democrats declare Trump and his supporters to be “enemies of the state.”

The Dems order the military to escort Trump from the White House. The military leaders refuse. They have already gone on record as stating they would not interfere with the electoral process, or lack thereof.

“Get out of my house — I am President for life!”


An angry mob of Democrats mass outside the gates.

Left-wing hoodlums, the same thugs that killed and pillaged under the banner of Black Lives Matter before the election, scale the fence and storm the White House in an attempt to physically remove Trump.

White House guards and Trump supporters fight back. Pop-pop-pop! The first volley of gunfire.


The insurrectionists attempt to set the White House on fire, as they have been doing to public buildings before the election.

The gunfire and the mass hysteria rapidly intensify. 

Individual battles break out in cities across America. Mad-Dog Dems vs. Trump Deplorables.

Chaos and death spread like wildfire. In a matter of days, the entire nation is engaged in civil war.

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  1. You got yourself a best seller there Bill. Or Movie? Hey who you going to get to play Trump? After all, casting the right actors to the right role is the key buddy! I hope you got a diabolical twist at the end. I love sneaky “I didn’t see that coming” endings.