What the hell is happening to America?

The U.S. is imploding into a lawless black hole

Anarchists establish Republic of CHAZ in downtown Seattle 

We are at the beginning of an anarchistic insurrection. The liberal revolt was sparked by the brutal murder of a black man by a white cop. One black murder-by-cop too many. The final straw.

It doesn’t matter to the protesters that George Floyd had a history of violent crime. In 2007, the 6-foot-6-inch black man pressed a pistol to a pregnant woman’s stomach and forced his way into her Houston home and robbed her. He was sentenced to five years in prison for assault and armed robbery.

That didn’t count when Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck and squeezed the life out of him. America reacted, the world reacted. Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said George Floyd’s death had a bigger impact than the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King.

America imploding into lawlessnes.

People mourned and wept over Floyd at his funeral as though it WAS Martin Luther King being buried.

There was one major difference between Floyd and Martin Luther King. King was a pacifist who believed in, and practiced peaceful protests, whereas Floyd was a felon whose death set off violent protests worldwide that killed people, destroyed buildings, ransacked stores and set fire to police cars.

It has been absurdly disproportionate to put George Floyd on a Martin Luther King type pedestal.

Be that as it may, as the saying goes, the result has been the beginning of a left-wing driven revolution, that has turned part of downtown Seattle into a lawless haven for Black Lives Matter and Antifa (AntiFascist) extremists.

America is imploding into lawlessnes.
Heavily armed anarchists guard entrance to CHAZ

The domestic terrorists seized a police precinct, took over six city blocks, built border walls and now stand guard with automatic weapons to keep out police, “biased media” and anyone else advocating law and order.

They call their lawless republic-within-a-city the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone — CHAZ.

All this is okay with the Democrat mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, and the Democrat governor of the state of Washington, Jay Inslee. 

Durkan went as far as defending the Zone as “patriotic.”

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan

The taking of the police precinct in Seattle is the beginning of the complete social breakdown of America. There is no telling how far it will go and when, if ever, it will end.

One ironic result of the mass protests in city streets across the country, and the world for that matter, is that “social distancing” has been blown all to hell. The more people protest en masse, the more Covid-19 cases take down the population.

It’s become a battle between two evils. Which will prevail — the protesters taking down America, or Covid-19 taking down the protesters?

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8 thoughts on “What the hell is happening to America?

  1. The anarchists among the protesters are now power-fueled by the silence they are hearing. Nobody at this stage willing to condone anything remotely anti-protest in fears of loosing their job or being permanently labeled racist. The sad part is that Progress in their cause is really Happening. Many different countries are now re-evaluating their own racial issues. Who knows how far in peaceful protest their cause could be furthered?

    But when lacking strong protest leadership and until the violent uprisings among its protesters are controlled — no matter the cause, the powers of the Nation will not let this destructive behavior go on much longer. Then violence will eventually be met with violence — and chaos will reign in the streets of America.

    All the while, almost totally forgotten, a killing virus spreads more easily in the confusion. — Dark days my friend. Dark Indeed.

  2. Yeah, Wayne, it’s a mess. If the Democrats in charge of Seattle don’t shut down that anarchists’ haven others will spring up in other cities — they probably will anyway, but a firm hand is needed; e.g. the “protesters” threaten to establish a cop-free zone in Nashville but the governor of that state (a Republican) said, No way, José, not in my state!

  3. This is madness Buddy! A line in the sand indeed must be drawn and unilaterally agreed upon across ever state. We all know that otherwise, these incidents of destructive behavior will only increase. Like children pushing ahead till their parents set boundaries so too will these anarchists grow ever braver in their quest for chaos until stopped.

    Again, the lack of leadership on both sides is fueling this fire. Trump has his head in the sand and who is the ultimate leader of the protest movement? With both sides left alone in direction — the results we’re seeing now, is really not so surprising.

  4. Thank you, dear Sir. I’m so touched. I apologize i can’t reply in time. Can’t visit my blog as i used to do. Here and there and when i can i take a look at your posts. Take care, dear Sir. Keep writing, plz.